My Gluten Free Flour Mix

For most of my gluten free baking/cooking I use a a Gluten Free flour mix I make myself which is about two-thirds to one-third (66%-33% approximately) mix of flours to starches.

I use White Rice Flour and Brown Rice Flour in an equal weight. Then I add a mix of starches, using a mix of Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch, Corn Starch, Arrowroot. I ALWAYS do this by weight. I ALWAYS bake by weight also.

So for 1000 grams of this mix:

330 grams
White Rice Flour
330 grams
Brown Rice Flour
220 grams
Potato Starch
   60 grams
Corn Starch
   60 grams
Tapioca Starch or Arrowroot

This is what is working for me now. I used to add xanthan gum right in the mix, but now I don't. I just found along the way that I like to add it separately.


  1. Hi! I have a quick question regarding the flour mix... I am going to make the tea biscuits for a tea party this week. I normally use a flour substitute such as 1 to 1. Would that work as well?

  2. Hi, I just looked up bob's red mill 1 to 1 gf flour mix and it looks like it's pretty similar to the mix I make, so I think it should be fine. Enjoy, and have a fun tea party!


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